The Adult Acne Survey And What You Can Learn From It

The problem of adult acne treatment is one that plagues an increasing number of adults worldwide and the United States is no exception to the problem. In fact, the US is a major factor in considering adult acne cures and treatment issues.There have been substantial changes to lifestyle and eating in the past half century and with stress playing an ever-increasing role in our health and lifestyle, the affect upon acne in the general population has grown markedly. Increasingly adults are seeking a cure for their acne issues and many are turning away from prescribed medications towards natural or homemade acne treatment solutions.The fact is that adult acne continues to grow as an issue among the growing adult population. A recent study, “Prevalence of facial acne in adults”, published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the authors, Goulden and Cunliffe, explain that the average age of those who have some kind of acne condition has grown from just over 20 years to over 26 years of age.There is an increased recognition of acne among adults who might previously have ignored their condition or perhaps regarded it as something they had to live with. That, however and fortunately, is not the case. Something can be done and increasing numbers of acne sufferers are seeking treatment or ways to treat their adult acne condition.One of the major changes in recent decades has been the fatty diet problem which, along with stress, has lead to a considerable growth in acne treatment searches by adults.Younger adults are no longer prepared to ‘suffer’ the indignity of having acne or acne scarring and they are looking to remove their acne permanently, quickly and safely.It is not a disorder related to adolescence even though there has been relatively little data available on the prevalence of acne among the adult population.