How Web Designers Can ‘Get Their Foot In The Door’

Regardless of whether you’re still studying or you have recently graduated, young and novice web designers often struggle to get their foot in the door and find someone who is willing to give them, inexperienced as they are, a chance. It is important to understand that taking this first leap into the professional world involved initiative, patience and even some wisdom – we have compiled this list of ways that young designers can get some experience or make themselves stand out to the people who could be hiring them.Network at conferences and other eventsMake sure that you attend design conferences and professional events that will give you the opportunity to converse with a range of people in the industry. You will meet a range of people whom you can add to your professional contact list (such as other web designers, developers and business owners) and you never know, one of them might be helpful in getting you hired one day.Follow up using social mediaOnce you meet someone involved with the industry, make sure that you follow up by searching for them on a social networking platform (the best one to use is LinkedIn, as many professionals will have profiles on this popular site). Before you contact this person again, however, think about how they might prefer to be contacted – would they like an email over a friend request or connection?Seek out a mentor in your fieldThe assistance of a mentor is actually a fantastic way that you can work towards learning the ropes – they will teach you a range of things, such as how much to charge for your work, the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a freelancer, how to present your portfolio, and so on. Keep in mind that having a mentor is actually a relationship – help them out and they will be more than happy to do the same for you.Undertake some pro-bono workOffering to do some pro-bono work will not only help out a cause that could not otherwise afford your services, it will actually help to build up your portfolio. Before you agree to doing the project, however, make sure that you have enough time to actually make this commitment and that you are financially able to take it on, otherwise you might have to pull out at the last minute, and this is not professional at all.Get your work or portfolio reviewedMany people do not realize how sharing their work or portfolio with a seasoned web designer could be beneficial to their career. You should always look for constructive criticism, as this allows you the opportunity to improve your future work and to look for new ways of achieving the briefs you have been given. Don’t just show your work to people whom you know will praise you.As you can see, there are actually a number of ways that a novice web designer is able to get their foot in the door in this day and age – all you need is a bit of creative thinking and a commitment to succeeding in the industry. If you are still unable to find a job, even after taking on each of the above points, you should not give up – the economy isn’t great at the moment and, as such, many people simply are not hiring or looking for a website. Just stay positive and know that the industry will improve in the coming months.